SurePay Instant Credit


With traditional financial institutions clamping down on credit, it makes it nearly impossible for good clients without ideal credit to qualify for a loan. Thus, the demand for alternative financing has materialized, with alternative lenders (like SurePay) who are willing to provide funding options in order to help merchants acquire more clients and to help clients acquire more products and services.


SurePay does this by becoming a finance partner with qualified merchants like Enck’s Auto Repair, and then providing the client with loan options (indirectly through the merchant) that they wouldn’t qualify for otherwise.

SurePay provides credit in the form of Retail Installment Contract (not leases or loans) and as a result is different than most alternative finance options for clients like yourself. This means greater flexibility in funding products or services, even if the clients financial situation is non-ideal.

Find out more at the SurePay website.