PowerStar Performance Spark Plugs

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Multispark PowerStar® Performance Spark Plugs spark plugs are available at Enck’s Auto Repair in Pahrump, NV.

Multispark, LLC is a California company that designs, manufactures, licenses, markets and sells a performance spark plug called the PowerSTAR®. This product is for motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts who want to achieve better performance from their engines with minimum cost.

PowerStar Spark Plugs ad #1 descirbes increased performance

PowerStar Performance Spark Plugs feature:

  • PERFORMANCE: Increased Horsepower & Low End Torque
  • FUEL SAVINGS: Fuel Savings = More Mpg
  • GREEN EFFECT: More Complete Burn = Less Emissions
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Patented Multi-Firing Center Electrode
PowerStar Spark Plugs ad #2 descibes types of vehicles product is used in
PowerStar Spark Plugs ad #2 conveys the product can be used in high performance automotive cars & motorcycles